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How StaffDaD Works

StaffDaD is a simple, low cost, easy to use Drag and Drop scheduling tool. You can easily assign shifts to employees and then notify them of their schedule. It is easy to sign up and pre-pay for 1, 3 or 12 months. The data is all kept “in the cloud” and the system runs from anywhere using standard web browsers (recommended to use Chrome). You create your own copy of StaffDaD at sign up, which you access at [yourcompany].StaffDaD.com

Once you are signed up, you can set up all of your employees in the system (both part time and full time employees). You can create your own shifts to match your requirements.

Then using simple Drag and Drop technology you can “drag” the shifts you want to the appropriate employees for the week you are scheduling. There on the screen you can see how many hours each person has been scheduled and how many total hours have been scheduled for all of your employees to cover the days of the week. Color coded shifts, as well as a simple drop down, makes it easy to see how many people are scheduled for each shift. Also colored alerts let you know if an employee is going to go into overtime based on the schedule you are creating.

Once your employees are all scheduled, you can use a simple notify tool to distribute the schedule to employees via e-mail or text messaging. Also, if you wish, your employees can also have access to the system to view the full schedule at any time simply by logging into [yourcompany].StaffDaD.com.