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♦ Who should use StaffDad?
♦ How easy is it to use?
♦ My company has a two week schedule, does the system support this?
♦ What browsers does it work with?
♦ Does the system notify employees of their schedules?
♦ Do employees have access to the system?
♦ Can employees make shift changes?
♦ Can the system handle part time staff?
♦ Will the system alert when total hours exceeds 40 per week to reduce overtime?
♦ Can the schedule be printed?
♦ Can the system be set up to schedule within individual departments?
♦ Can the system handle split shifts?
♦ How does the system account for lunches and breaks?
♦ Does the system support multiple schedulers?
♦ How long is schedule data stored for?
♦ Does the system work on my phone and tablet?
♦ Does the system have any time and attendance (time clock) component?
♦ Does the system integrate with payroll programs?
♦ Can comments be added on the schedule?
♦ Can time off be schedule?
♦ Does the free trial restrict any of the features?
♦ When my free trial is over, will I have to reenter all of my data?
♦ How do I purchase?
♦ How Can I Pay?
♦ What Terms do you offer?
♦ What if I need to change the number of employees?
♦ Can we add and delete employees at any time?
♦ If I have a question, can I contact you?