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Some Words AboutStaffDaD

Who is StaffDaD? StaffDaD is another quality software solution created by Phoenix Computer Technologies Incorporated (PhoenixCTI).  Since its founding in March of 2000 PhoenixCTI has created many custom software systems and solutions for numerous customers and clients.  PhoenixCTI is laser focused on providing the right solutions at the right price and we settle for nothing less. 

StaffDaD is the result of a request to develop custom software to solve a staff scheduling problem in the Resident Care industry.  StaffDaD, which is short for Staff Scheduling Drag and Drop, was so well received that our clients requested PhoenixCTI release StaffDaD as a stand-alone system. Price point was and still is very important, as in many cases profit margins are very tight in the areas where staff scheduling are most needed.  We listened, and StaffDaD is one of the lowest cost solutions, if not the lowest cost SaaS cloud based solution in existence today.  There are other software staffing products on the internet but, they are more expensive and include, in our opinion, cumbersome features that our clients were not willing to pay for.  We don't directly interface with billing systems or time keeping systems and we don't bill you for it either.

Who is PhoenixCTI? PhoenixCTI is an experienced professional services and consulting firm that implements best-of-breed Information Systems that includes Residential Care Systems & Contact Center solutions to name a few. PhoenixCTI provides businesses with more ways to communicate with their customers both external and internal. If you're looking to enhance or upgrade your technical environment, PhoenixCTI is uniquely positioned to help you.

PhoenixCTI is a consulting firm with decades of combined development experience, PhoenixCTI offers training, support, a proven methodology and deep industry insight. PhoenixCTI has partnerships with leading technology vendors and offers a wide range of services both pre-defined and customized to your unique needs. Solutions include Staff Scheduling, Residential Care Systems, Custom Software Development, Information Sharing, IVR, CTI, QM, Speech, TTS, FAX, COM, DLL, XML, VXML, Data modeling, Training, Support and more. In short PhoenixCTI turns our customers into heroes by delivering implementations that are on time, within budget and beyond expectations.

PhoenixCTI has significant experience implementing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies like General Electric, Target, and the United States Postal Service, and we utilize our experience to bring smaller companies those 'large company' technologies at an affordable price. PhoenixCTI has partnerships with leading technology vendors and offers a wide range of Services.